Emerging Leaders

Get Ready to lead people and yourself powerfully with a how to playbook

Organisations need a new type of leader who can bridge the gap between performance and transformation. Who unite people behind a common purpose with empathy and compassion. Who acts as a catalyst, reinventing across their teams, organisations, and the entire ecosystem.

  • Are you seeking to make a difference and take your work to new heights?
  • Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back?
  • Do you want to stop playing small and safe and lead with confidence?
Emerging Leaders - Leadership coaching
Emerging Leaders - leadership coaching

Next 90 Days Mentoring

Is this you? Or a leader in your team?

  • Are you a new leader or aspire to step into a management role?
  • Are you seeking to take your team and leadership to the next level?
  • Do you want to rise above fire fighting day to day?
  • Are you struggling with overwhelm, not knowing where to start?
  • Are you an employer looking to strengthen your manager’s how-to playbook?

What this is:

Expand your mindsets and skills over the next 90 days with the expertise and guidance of a dedicated mentor with over 25 years of learning and executive leadership experience.

Include this three-month mentoring program in your leader onboarding plan, or add the value of mentoring to attract and retain your top talent as they transition to being a people leader within the team culture.

What is included in Emerging Leaders:

A powerful individualised coaching program for reconnecting with purpose, change and growth. Elevate your leadership capabilities and impact with confidence by investing in your inner leadership, team goals and desired future. Gain clarity and explore options to turn purpose into action.
  • Discovery Session
  • Three x 90 min Mentoring Sessions
  • Development of a 30-60-90 Day Action Plan
  • Email and Phone Support
Emerging Leaders - Leadership Coaching
purpose learning

Rising Leaders Forum

Let’s unleash emerging leader potential through this leadership exploration and development program. Activate the full talent capacity of your leaders and managers. Only when we empower others to rise will we rise. Grow leaders of the future.

Ideal for organisations with a desire to elevate their team’s high potential talent, develop new people leaders, or have early stage leaders in career transition.  Take action and implement this program as part of your workforce strategy and support offering to your emerging leaders.

The Opportunity:

  • A safe space for mentoring and connection to let people rise strong
  • Developing emerging leader capabilities as a team grows your collaborative influence
  • Allow emerging leaders to flex and stretch to release their full potential
  • Shape the career game plan of your top talent

What this is:

  • Welcome Swag
  • Four Interactive Workshop Forums
  • Three Group Mentoring Sessions
  • Practical Leadership Tools
  • Action Learning Project

Case Study – Zac Bower

Zac Bower
Head of Venom/ Change Maker Coaching since 2020

Purpose is driven from the heart, and having coached Zac for the last two years his career calling for animal welfare, community awareness, and conservation runs deep within him. He leverages his courage, humility and conviction to rise strongly in his inner and team leadership, always paying it forward. A true next-gen talent!

Every day he has an impact as a Purpose Driven Leader and ChangeMaker at the Australian Reptile Park.

Employee of the Year 2021

Zac was successfully awarded the Business NSW Central Coast Employee of the Year.

Zac maintains a collection of venomous snakes across two facilities whilst Consistently exceeding performance targets.

He designs and delivered venom seminars for local area health personnel and Careflight emergency doctors to elevate capabilities for snakebite treatment

Leading maintenance and venom operations as a Purpose Leader of an award-winning facility, he goes far beyond what he thought was even possible at our first discovery session.

Career Elevation

As a result of his commitment to his career vision and sharpening his leadership strengths, expertise and capabilities, Zac was elevated within the leadership team. His development is abundantly evident in his practice,

Zac is now the Operations Supervisor at the Park, expanding his skills in business, projects and management.

Kudos to the ARP management team who wisely invested in coaching for development for Zac to elevate his potential and purpose.

What an impact he continues to make!

leadership coaching Team

Team Coaching Circles

“Step out of the HISTORY that is holding you back.
Step into the NEW STORY you are willing to CREATE.”

– Oprah Winfrey 

  • Do you want to get your team working better together?
  • Is the team getting stuck in competing priorities?
  • Does the team need to turn insight into action?

This three-month team coaching program creates roles, goals, clarity, and agreement on essential team principles. In the team coaching circles, we reflect on team practice, connect to ensure the group’s well-being and explore the priorities to determine what’s in and out of scope and where to dedicate resources over the next 90-day cycle.

Who this is for:

Do you have a team who wants to elevate performance?

Ideal for groups who have a wicked problem to solve or an opportunity to leverage

Do you have a team in transition?

Perfect for a newly formed team with fresh recruits or a new manager at the helm who wants to set a positive tone of intention with their team players

What this is:

  • Discovery Session with employer to understand current opportunities and challenges
  • Monthly Team Coaching Circles (3 x 2hr) with team plays that encourage reflective practice and problem-solving
  • Team Agreement set agreed team behaviours, what is in and what is out
  • Team 90 Day Action Plan
  • Circle Summaries monthly reporting on team outcomes and insights

The transformational outcomes of Team Coaching are game-changing.