Is humanity at the centre of your leadership and team culture?

Culture is the most significant lever in the world of work. Work matters to people. 

We believe now is the time for a better way of doing business. How can we as leaders navigate this new decade of work to mitigate our interdependent challenges? It is time we gain momentum of a new leadership model that places humanity at its heart. It is about raising the bar on what truly matters and consciously creating social value for those in our communities – employees, clients or the next-generation talent. 

About one-third of all manager conversations currently is around employee wellbeing, social justice, or mental health. People want to connect on a human level and know that their work is meaningful for a greater cause.

What is the opportunity?

There is an opportunity for leadership teams to be inclusive, to reset, to have the courage to challenge the past’s status quo, and maximise the team’s insights. So let’s set the rhythm now. Take the steps forward and be propelled to change.

Know the people you work with, consciously listen and share openly with them. Recognise and celebrate those who bring humanity into the team, no matter their title.

We can begin by encouraging our people to engage with multiple platforms of diverse voices and stories to share our experiences as leaders and teams. Commit to speak up, be empathetic or initiate acts of service to compel others to be more, do more, or actively reflect. 

Words are powerful

Recently, I had an executive leader deliver a talk at a leadership program on navigating change. The most powerful story within his speech that resonated the loudest was when he bravely shared his struggles as a single dad with sole custody of his three kids navigating change, and his home and work life as an executive. People saw his resilience and humanity as a leader in a new light of respect.  He created space for others to reflect on his insights with their experiences. It was powerful and unexpected learning for him that his humility raised the energy for others.  Sometimes our challenges are the learning gold for others.

As Jesper Brodin, CEO of IKEA, states:

“Good intentions are important.  Words make them powerful.  In the end, it is only actions that create real change.”

Expand your influence

Consider your influence within your work teams and professional networks – where, how, and whom can you expand your power for a more significant impact?

To what extent is humanity at the centre of your team culture? Unleash a better way of doing business – align your values to purpose and create a more significant ripple of influence.

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