Leadership teams

Strategy Facilitation and Change Support

When you need to innovate or change it up, you need collaboration of your Leadership Teams. Being in the same room with your team, listening with intent and creating something together is purpose in action. Taking that initial step together to co-design with purpose will make the breakthrough you crave.

Where are you now?

Where do you want your team to be?

What is essential to gain momentum?

Invest in shifting your team culture from surviving to thriving with strategy facilitation and change support.

Leadership Teams - Natalie Welch

Leadership Teams Reset Workshop

Press pause, huddle, and play again with agreed people priorities.

Emerging Leaders - Leadership Teams - Leadership Coaching and Development with Natalie Welch

Are you seeking momentum in your workforce strategy?

Do you need to get traction on your employee feedback?

Is your team playing small and safe and want to break through to change the game?

What this is:

A facilitated workshop of collaborative team plays to align your people and strategy for the next business horizon. Gain fresh insights on current and future workforce realities to unlock challenges, maximise opportunities and promote design thinking in the team.

Leaders work together to identify opportunities for action, and what to do differently becomes clear. Leveraging your team perspectives and capability strengths is the secret sauce to adding value to your workforce strategy.

Leadership Teams Reset Workshop


  • Pre-Program Discovery with internal sponsor
  • Review of Workforce Artefacts, e.g. organisational chart, employee survey results
  • Facilitated Team Reset Workshop delivered onsite or virtually
  • A Trusted Neutral Partner skilled in facilitation, supporting you to be fully present in the play
  • A Published Report of Team Insights agreed on actions and recommendations
  • Post-Program Debrief with internal sponsor

Team Rise Quarterly Team Workshops

Set your Team Priorities.
Refocus and align on what matters most for the team to achieve.

Experienced Leaders - Leadership Coaching and Development with Natalie Welch

Every 90 Days, be intentional with your team planning and include a Team Rise Workshop in your meeting plan.  Schedule regular quarterly facilitated team workshops to get the most out of team strengths, resources and opportunities.  Lead with visible progress and shared thinking to recognise wins, identify opportunities and use team insights to leverage the play.  Tackle any impeding headwinds together with agility.

What is included:

  • Four x 2.5 hour facilitated workshops every 90 days with your team
  • Co-designed 90 Day team action plan
  • A skilled facilitator supporting your team to be fully present in the action
  • Different team canvas plays to ignite thinking and priorities alignment
  • Briefings with employer-sponsor
Leadership Coaching and Development with Natalie Welch

What to expect:

  • Six Work Collab Circles for two hours
  • Welcome pack with recommended reads
  • Different themes designed to amplify your purpose and leadership
  • Private community for support and accountability
  • Practice mentoring and peer coaching
  • If in person, there will be snacks and drinks to indulge in