Team Accelerator

The Team Accelerator program comprises a series of “Team Game Day workshops” designed to promote collaboration and align people and strategy effectively.

Gain fresh insights on current and future workforce realities to maximise opportunities, unlock challenges, and promote design thinking in the team.

Experienced Leaders with Natalie Welch
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About Team Accelerator

Based on the 90-day planning cycle, the Team Accelerator program leverages your team’s perspectives and insights to achieve your goals, faster.

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want your team to be?
  • What is essential to gain momentum?

Invest in shifting your team culture from surviving to thriving with strategy facilitation and change support.

What is included

  • Team Alignment Survey and Report – assess how well team members feel aligned with existing business goals and strategies. This feedback will be used to identify areas of focus.  

  • Decision Maker debriefs on business priorities, needs and progress.

  • Team Game Day workshops every 90 days with your team, Four interactive and collaborative workshops at the venue of your choice. 

  • Experienced facilitation by Natalie Welch in team strategy, solutions design and agile team play. 

  • Different Team plays and design canvases to capture observations, insights and opportunities for action. 

  • 90-Day Team Game Plans – Published quarterly workshop outcomes and tools for leader use.

  • Group Coaching Circles with leaders (Game Plan Progress) Four circles x 2 hours to maintain leader accountability and momentum, check in on progress, and unpack any challenges. A maximum of 6 leaders per circle.
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Leaders Create Impact

Leaders with a purpose-fueled vision drive collective success both now and in the future. Invest in skill sets and mindsets that add value and generate growth. Equip your team to be more adaptive, focusing on the what, how, who and why.

Look beyond the horizon, see new possibilities


Value Creation

You can count on what the leader and team deliver now (skillsets) and future (mindsets). Create and scale value.


Capability Expansion

How the leader and team perform and transform is linked to their level of capabilities, exposure and experience. Invest in a mix of experience, exposure and education.


Growth Agility

The beliefs and thinking can empower or hinder – the leader or team’s capacity and confidence to grow with agility. Know who you are and how you best lead.

Co-design your team learning program with Natalie

The Process

organisational development Natalie Welch - Meet


Let’s meet with curiosity to discover your key issues, identify opportunities, and pinpoint desired outcomes.

organisational development Natalie Welch - Map


Together we map a program with energy to build team, leadership and/or organisational capabilities.

organisational development Natalie Welch - Make it Happen

Make it Happen

By adopting a flexible approach, we gain momentum and make it happen.