Purposeful Career Planning

More than most people are using the current market momentum to reassess their work choices and connect with meaningful work. A few of you may have windblown hair from the turbulent last few years.  Or others may feel supercharged to lay the foundations to be able to pursue their career goals with zestful intention. Finally, you may feel bewildered and unsure about what to do next or where to start.

The change of seasons allows you to reflect on your value and how your purposeful intentions drive that.  So fuel up, reset or pirouette on what you have learnt, loved, loathed or lost. What will you let go of, or what do you intend to expand?  

Whatever your mindset, there are practical ways to take the reigns in your career conversations. Often one powerful question is enough to trigger new thinking or behaviours.

So, let’s start with a great question to frame your thinking, courtesy of Esther Perel.  

 “If you weren’t following your current path, what else might you be pursuing?”

Grab a journal or whiteboard and ask yourself truthfully. Let your responses flow. Swap to a different lens. What resonates the loudest when you explore the question?

It may have been a while since you checked in and asked yourself this. Create an intentional space to sit with your inner leader and explore your truth to achieve clarity and vision.

It may also be worth noting who are your champions to pursue your pathway and what resources can they offer. Then, have a conversation with them openly to help you navigate.  Never be afraid to ask for what you need.

Take the time to support yourself with kindness to make different choices with your career planning. We sometimes need that simple kickstart to drive our career in the next direction. Grab ahold of diverse experiences that you are intrinsically honest about, then set the intention or goals to pursue.  

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